We were told that there is no flash photography allowed during the show, so I took pictures at home, which only turned out okay. Before we left I asked Peanut if she was nervous. She said, “Nope.” Then I hoped that me asking that wouldn’t make her nervous. She was so excited, I think it was because she had several special parts. In the world of dance any time you are doing something different and the others are doing the same thing, you stand out. She did great! She was so confident and not shy (she was so timid last year). I was so proud of her. I seriously had to restrain myself from being ghetto. I wanted to scream and whoop and holla “WOO HOOO, THAT’S MY GIRL! ” More screams. I only let out one WOO. If this recital happened in my home of Memphis, I would have surely let it rip. OR if my mom were here, I would have joined her. My mom is not ghetto, but she’s not too timid to cheer and doesn’t care if no one else is doing it out loud.

She nailed every bit she was supposed to do and I could tell she knew what the others were supposed to be doing, but she maintained her poise and did not talk on stage or get flustered when they forgot or moved a little more slowly. She was great. To let me tell it, she owned the stage and though her class is all a year or two older than her, she rocked the house. We are so pleased with what her dance instructor does with children, they all perform so well and do wonderfully at remembering real ballet choreography, because they were taught well.

So each year someone is in dance, be it myself or Peanut, Big Stud says that it will be the last year. God always makes a way. This time Big Stud is wanting to replace Peanut’s dance lessons with piano lessons. I would like piano lessons to be in addition to dance lessons AND to start dance again myself. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see if Big Stud’s will can handle two crying, broken-hearted females who just wanna dance.