Hey! I am so glad you stopped by.  This blog is  simply a page full of me: my hobbies, my daily life, my family, anything.  Reading this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing without actually being around me. I maintain honesty and transparency and sometimes I might say too much.  I sometimes disappear, so I recommend getting a subscription to the blog.

I have a husband and two children. I am a housewife, soon to be full time working woman. I love to sew/quilt, cook, garden, take pictures, restore furniture, etc.  I am addicted to “The Hunt”, aka searching for deals at thrift stores, garage sales, stores, etc. I consider myself a beginner at almost all things I do except cooking and parenting. I really enjoy all colors, but I am partial to red, aqua, green, and yellow.  I enjoy standing in line, all things kitchen related, black beans, sweet potatoes, office supplies, organizing things, making a mess, and the result (not the process) of a clean and tidy home. I enjoy thinking of solutions to problems and making my home more efficient.  I support the arts and local businesses. I love Jesus. I love to dance. I have more ideas than my brain and time can handle, and more creativity than one easily distracted, procrastinating thinker should have. That’s it in a nutshell. I’m bound to reveal more as time goes on.



Below is the About page from a previous edition of this blog (named by my daughter because we all love bedtime stories). It’s still good and it’s still true:

Noah, Andrea, Nathan, and Moriah
Noah, Andrea, Nathan, and Moriah

This blog is a story about a family.  A dad, a mom, a girl, a boy, and a fish.  This story is written for friends and family both far and near.  This story is written in hopes of preserving memories and sharing our lives with you. This story is for whoever will join us on our life journey, throughout our day, and in our thoughts.  We love sharing ourselves with people, but sometimes time and miles limit that.  So please join us in this way.  It’s the next best thing we can offer after coming over to our home for food, drinks and laughs.

Welcome.  Grab a blankie, a pillow, a cup of hot chai, and stay a while.  We have lots of stories to share.

p.s. If you ever see anything strange on the site (e.g.  grammatical or spelling errors) or you think I’m just plain off my rocker, “Contact Me” privately so that I can be enlightened.

Thanks, and welcome!