Life will be different now, with school a lot that I didn’t expect. Suddenly we find ourselves tied down by a school schedule. But gladly. Suddenly I realize that tomorrow she’ll get her license and next week she will graduate from high school. Suddenly, I have an extra life event to enhance my mothering.

Peanut came home with homework after her day of orientation. Due today. She had to state what her hopes were for the year and we had to do the same. Our hopes for her: Learn Spanish, make friends, honor God and have fun. She wants to learn Spanish, color, play and read books. Today she will hear nothing but Spanish for two hours, come home for lunch, go to ballet after supper then to AWANA. It’s a big day for her and suddenly we have become chauffeurs.

For homework, she also had to draw a self portrait. She spent almost an hour on her picture, taking bites of popcorn and sips of juice between each completed phase. I stood by and watched as she created an image of herself, the care she took, the detail she added. And suddenly I realized that what they say is true.

Cherish each moment, cause they grow up so…