Yesterday was a wonderful, go with the flow kind of day. Our church celebrated 6 years by having a picnic. Which was nice. Some of us played croquet and I really like that game. On the way home we stopped by two garage sales. I found some non-essentials at the first one–sky blue flower tapers, two nostalgic cards and an old velvet backed photo frame all for $1.25. At the second I forced myself to walk by the old chairs (I have a healthy obsession for old chairs) and when I did I found a set of three old Pyrex bowls. I own a green one that was my mother’s, and I have seen others but they didn’t capture my heart the way that these did. They are yellow (one of my favorite colors) and they have oak leaves on them. I love fall and I love leaves. Theses bowls were priced at $10 for three. I would have been willing to pay twenty and I knew that bowls I liked less were selling for more, but just for fun I asked the lady how low she was willing to go and she said $8. SOLD. I have never seen this kind. I’ve seen pink, turquoise and the white ones with green or orange designs. *on a rabbit trail* I’ve had really good luck at garage sales and thrift stores and in total I haven’t spent more than $20.



Some funky fabric, three mugs and a free pattern (this was a Saturday stop).



My loot from Sunday.

Then after the garage sale we stopped at a craft fair and walked around gazing at beautiful pottery, metal work, intricate mosaics and some jewelery. It was hot, though, and the kids were tired. We came home and relaxed. For me that is nothing new, but when I married BS he didn’t know how to relax.

We played croquet again. This time with the kids. Peanut won, then Bubba. Daddy was in third, and of course I was last.

I am also very pleased to announce that our downstairs bathroom is done! I will have a complete picture in a few days, but for now this one will have to do.


Hanging the mirror.