I recently volunteered to be the coordinator of our church coffee bar.  I’m in the process of finding local suppliers of coffee and baked goods.  I’ve spent a little time researching options on line, but then I finally just went to the coffee shop down the street from my house and asked them where they get their coffee.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the coffee supplier and tour their facility with my kids.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell and I’ll have a cup if I need to stay awake for a couple of days or if I want to have trouble sleeping. For some reason, learning more about drinking coffee  in its proper form made me want to drink coffee. Coffee no longer became just some nasty beverage people drink over stale cinnamon rolls.

Coffee is delicate.  Its flavor is best when consumed  24 hours after it is roasted.  Freezing it to keep it fresh is an old wives tale.  It was clear that Michael was an experienced coffee drinker–or to use his word:connoisseur, not only by his coffee stained teeth, but also by the ease in which his knowledge flowed like poetry heard while enjoying a hot cup of black coffee.  He spoke of coffee as a well-known friend and lover and by the end of it I was mesmerized and I wanted to savor a cup.