I logged on to tell you all the tale of my bad day and how I ended it in a home all alone with a meal of egg rolls, root beer, and coconut cake while watching a chick flick–Love Happens.  It was surprisingly not cheesy. I think a guy could make it through that one. I also tend to hold a special place in my heart for characters that mirror my own relationship in the most superficial of ways (i.e. a suit wearing guy and a creative, free spirit chick that isn’t a pushover).There is only one kiss in the movie, and the guy is only dashing in theory (both are positive critiques).  The story is about him, not the girl. There are some potty words, but all in all I would say it’s cute enough to watch. There were enough novel elements to keep me interested.

Chick flicks are not my favorite genre. In fact as far as art/movies go I have a lot of negative things to say about current Romantic Comedies (though this one was only called a Romance–I think), but I do like to watch them. I mostly find myself looking at what the female lead is wearing and allowing my emotions to be played by simple, predictable plot lines. I usually cry even when I know what’s going to happen. I try to spare myself the embarrassment my husband and watch them when he is away. This way we can enjoy a nice action adventure movie together because we both really like those.

So, I was going to tell you about how I spilled a can of paint on our sidewalk that we are renting while wearing nice heels, slacks, and ten minutes behind schedule, but then I saw that this post would be my 500th post and I can’t spend the entire time talking about my bad day. Instead I marked this event with a bit of rambling.  Because I like ramble writing, or stream of consciousness writing.  Whatever it’s called.

Hooray!  500 posts! Thanks for sticking with me.  Blog readers rock!