…that’s how you spell that evil sound villans make when they have captured their victim.  I made that sound on the way back from the garage sale I just went to.  Literally made that sound. I bought two wool sweaters for $1 each. mmwwaa!

I’m just going to cut them up, but they are ugly so it’s okay.  I consider it my good fashion deed for the day. In thrift stores, wool sweaters are always lots of thriftstoremoney because they are wool and because the smart thrift stores know that people like me buy wool just to shrink it and make things from it.  For those of you that came to this blog because I claim to sew, it really is true.  I’m just kind of busy trying to be a productive member of my household.  Maybe I can produce some goods later tonight.  I think it’s a movie night.  Sewing will be done. Although watching a movie while I sew is pretty much pointless because the machine is so loud.

So anyway. Enjoy your weekend!  What do you have going on?