Does anyone remember these coasters and the giveaway?  I honestly didn’t expect that anyone other than my family and a few blog friends would enter.  Oddly enough a “blogging stranger” entered and she won! Jandi won! Little did she know…I had yet to waterproof the coasters.  Little did we know…

The coasters would disappear.  It took me five months to locate them. I looked everywhere. Needless to say I was embarrassed that my first craft giveaway ended that way.

Anyway, I added a few extra odds and  ends as procrastinators penance.

Jandi is a quilter/sewer, and she writes about a variety of things.  Her writing style makes you feel as if you are sitting in her living room sewing with her. [I assume] her personality shines through in her writing style. Check her out.

Congratulations Jandi!