Noah’s room is pretty small.  After doing a little furniture shuffling to accommodate his room size and my storage needs in the kitchen, I realized that Noah would need a tiny dresser and a nightstand.

During the school year, I made a habit of stopping by the Goodwill on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  One day I stopped in and found a piece of furniture that could serve as Noah’s nightstand and his dresser.  It was ugly and it wasn’t [thrift store] cheap, but it was just what I was looking for.  The dresser was marked at 10.99, which was absurd.  I kept looking it over and telling myself that 11 dollars was still cheaper than what I could find brand new–especially solid wood.  (I prefer to get furniture from the thrift store if I know it is a temporary fix or a very unique design). As I tilted the dresser, I realized that it didn’t have a back.

I asked the manager if there was any way to knock something off the price because of the damage.  He left and returned with a 2.99 price tag!  SOLD!  I scooped it up and stuffed it into my back seat. It suits Noah and his room just fine.