Recently, our family attended a wedding in Alexandria, MN.  We had a little extra time before the ceremony so I stopped at a thrift store while the rest of the family waited in the car.

Upon entering the store I was greeted warmly by the lady behind the counter.  She explained the layout of the store and that 100% of the profits go toward programs for battered women. I was pretty much sold on that information alone.

I loved the layout of the store.  The main level had more collectible and popular items. The lower level was your typical thrift store hodgepodge, and the upper level is where they displayed the clothing.  Each level was well-organized.  The items were well priced.  Nothing irritates me more about a thrift store than one that is over priced.

I was really just killing time, but it is quite hard for me to go into a thrift store and come out empty-handed. I found my favorite and first Garfield book and some buttons.  I bought the bag of buttons because of one particular button. The price was right so I didn’t resist.

I really liked this thrift store.  Since leaving Fargo I have yet to find a thrift store that satisfies me.  The prices are high and the selection is thoroughly picked over.  The Alexandria Thrift store benefits a cause that I can feel good about supporting, has low prices, friendly staff, and is well-organized.  Anytime I’m in the area I think I might have to pay them a visit…but leave my wallet at home.