I’ve never been too eager about decorating any home that I have lived in, but the more I read decorating blogs and the more I realize how fun decorating is, the more I want to do it. I have virtually no decorating budget, but I’ve got a brain that needs activity and I have items in my home that I  had a vision for what they could look like.

So, for my creative outlet and my desire to make my home look a little more lived in (aside from little messes here and there) and a little less like I shop at thrift stores, I’ve been redoing some decor–refashioning decor. It has been really fun to practice taking the idea from my head to the [near] finished product.  All of these involved paint.  Painting is awesome. Hopefully all of these will be complete in a week or two, then I’ll show the after shots and give a little more detail.