I’m not sure if you all know about the greek yogurt craze.  It’s all about lean protein and how Greek yogurt has an amazing amount per serving.  Greek yogurt also typically has less sugar than the fun flavors of other yogurt.

I have typically bought Greek God’s Greek Yogurt for the texture and the smaller amount of sugar.  When I learned that Greek Yogurt has more protein than the standard brand I figured it was an added bonus. Since we don’t eat much meat and yogurt is our main source of dairy I figured having another healthy source of protein would benefit my children.

One day, I happened to have two different brands of Greek yogurt.  I read the ingredients and learned that The Greek God’s brand of Greek yogurt only has 4g of protein per 4 oz serving.  While the Greek yogurt from our favorite brand of yogurt has 15g of protein per 5.3 oz. It didn’t really matter to me,  because that wasn’t my original goal in buying Greek yogurt.  I just figured you should know.

So if you’re buying Greek yogurt for the protein content, then make sure you read the label and don’t purchase based on the name alone.  The Greek God’s yogurt still taste really good–rich and creamy, and I can get it on sale for a fraction of the cost at our local co-op but it has about as much protein as normal yogurt.