Hi.  What are you doing?  Right now I’m listening as Nathan reads to the kids book 1 from The Chronicles of Narnia.   We are being wowed as some things are becoming clear in hindsight (since we’ve finished the entire series and are now on to Hamlet).  I actually could not bare to stay awake during the final Narnia book, and Hamlet is going to be a slow read as we read through footnotes and summarize and sync our understanding of each scene. I really wish the kids were asleep right now because it is 10pm.

I’ve been reading a lot. I’m doing a lot of things and I’m finding myself going to bed later and waking up earlier most days.  If I don’t think about all that is going on I’m just fine. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed and I’m pretty sure I’ve overextended myself. If I slow down just long enough I slowly begin to realize just how overwhelmed I could be.  So, I say keep moving and just get it done.  I can’t stop to think about what all I have to do. I just have to do it. At this point trusting in God is a choice that I choose.

…and Nathan just said, “When we were growing up we didn’t have youtube or Facebook.  We read books.” He’s reading a Bible story now and paused to explain that today people climb up Mt. Ararat to see what people believe is Noah’s ark.  Moriah wanted me to type “people climbing up Mt. Ararat in Turkey to see Noah’s ark” in the youtube search engine.  And now I feel old just because Nathan said when we were growing up.

…and Moriah just gave me a list of things she and Noah are going to do to help ease my burden.  She and Noah are going to make breakfast and do all the things they are supposed to do without me asking.  So sweet those little munchkins.  I hope we can preserve this sweetness during the teen years.  Ah, the teen years.

My neighbor was just talking about how in 5 years Moriah will have a cell phone, a Facebook page, texting, tweeting, etc.  I don’t like it.  I want Moriah to use a fax machine, write handwritten letters and deliver them on a horse.  I also want her legs to stop growing.  It’s going to be harder to embrace maturing children than I ever anticipated.  Lord help!

Did you know I have had the same basket of folded laundry on my floor for about three weeks? What is even more pathetic about that situation is that none of the clothes in that basket are clothes I can wear together without looking like Punky Brewster.

Anyway, I just called to say hi.