say it like that lady from Napoleon Dynamite just after she sees the ship in a bottle she’ll get for free if she orders the Tupperware.  Then imagine me saying it like that after you look at this oven. Then take an extra minute or two and take the house tour. After that, watch  Napoleon Dynamite, if you haven’t seen it (or you have and didn’t like it) . Don’t take it seriously, then watch it again with someone who thinks it’s funny. It’s quotable. Anyway, back to Marc’s oven.

I like most of Marc’s decorating style and he’s surprisingly handsome (*most people who have their homes featured on the website do not include a picture of themselves).  I’d much rather see my own tall, not so dark, but very handsome man standing in the doorway of our very own house.  But  that oven? It is making me blush. I think I’d need it in black–maybe cast iron–because I’ve decided that I want my black and white kitchen to have black cabinets and white marble countertops instead of white cabinets and black granite countertops.  I don’t think the white oven would look it’s best beside black cabinets.

I’ve also been mulling over the idea of having a firewood stove in the kitchen. Wouldn’t that be fun! I love daydreaming…*sigh*