At the beginning of 2010 I made goals for the year.  Goals that were well thought out and realistic.  Since I shared those goals with you and I promised to keep you posted on my progress, I thought the six-month mark might be a great time to update you.

1. Write more: I want to write in my journal more and write letters. Handwritten letters.

I have definitely written more.  Not necessarily on my blog, though I think I have been a tad more consistent this year compared to last.  I have not written any letters and I am still horrible with special occasion cards and thank you notes. I would like to write some letters during the remainder of the year. Overall, I am having moderate success with this goal.

2. Build stronger relationships (with God, family and friends)

I had a few family and friend relationships in mind when I created this goal.  I am not doing too hot building those relationships.  However, my relationship with the Lord is changing, and I am making relational and social strides that only the Lord and I are fully aware of.  I am also forming friendships that I didn’t expect to form.  I am content with being in the seed phase of many relationships, and am in the process of enjoying “working a crowd.” I would conclude that I am doing better on this goal than I ever have.

3. Create more. Sew, paint, write.

Lots of people are having babies.  When they do this I feel the need to make something.  Though baby gifts are fun to make, it is not the type of sewing I had in mind when I created this goal.  I think I might have to avoid handmade baby gifts for the remainder of the year (with the exception of a couple of special friends and family).  I have not done much creative writing outside of blogging–my blogging  is a loose interpretation of creative writing.  I have only painted furniture.  I have sewing spurts, then I get burned out on it for reasons I promise no to go into.  By the looks of my project shelf and our basement, I’m doing well with the letter of this goal and not the spirit of this goal.

4. Implement crucial/strategic routine

This is actually happening, and I l-o-v-e it!  I have finally found the balance between structure and fun, fun structure, structured fun and planned days of no structure at all. I am also doing better on this goal than I ever have. This is also part of the reason I haven’t been blogging or sewing as much as I would like or as much as my writing list/project list would dictate. The essence of this goal was to be more purposed in my day.  Many people and tasks have taken precedence over blogging and sewing.

The overall theme is to be more productive.

There are two bonus habits I am enjoying: reading and exercising.  I did not have these as goals this year, but I have determined that if anything is going to become a regular part of the rest of my life, I need to implement and cement it in my daily routine within the next year or two.  Reading is a revived love and exercise is just good for life-long health.