After a long day at the zoo with two well-behaved kindergarten boys (Seriously. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had two rambunctious boys), I don’t feel like cooking.  I tell the kids this as they are eating their popcorn appetizer, and Noah pipes up, “Yeah, I don’t feel like cooking either!  Let’s make Moriah do it.”

I’ve started a new book for book club, and I think I’ll leave my children to themselves while I go read it for an hour or so.  I’ve already told them that if they get hungry they should just fix themselves something to eat. I love that my children are old enough to be left alone while I hide in my bedroom. I love that my children are old enough to make themselves a sandwich.  I love that there isn’t anything in my house that I don’t want them to eat.

Moms of young children, Hold On!  One day they grow up. One day when you want or need a break you can actually take it and everything will be okay.  One day you’ll feed them snacks for supper and there will be no guilt.  You’ll actually wish you had been liberated enough to do it sooner. I don’t want a break often…anymore (I used to want/need a break DAILY. day…lee), but today, it feels so nice.  Today, they had popcorn, juice and blueberries for supper. If I get desperate, I’ll break out the hidden Jelly Bellies (can you believe the grocery store had them on sale for 1.28/lb? Jelly Bellies!). No guilt AND I washed dishes this morning after breakfast. Now, all I need is a tall glass of iced tea and a piece of coconut cream pie to go with my book.

Life is good