It doesn’t really matter what it’s in, being published is exciting! As soon as my copy comes in the mail, I go straight to my submission (because I haven’t read it enough already). It’s so fun to see my writing in print.   Any personal criticisms that existed before submission are replaced with utter pride in my work. Since I just happen to know one of the editors, I have had the opportunity to be in this Southern publication several times. (Thanks, Mom!)

I have actually been interviewed for a national publication.  After reading my blog, a freelance writer approached me to be interviewed for Parents magazine.  The interview was based on this blog entry (which is also one of my most viewed posts) and was featured in the October 2009 issue of Parents magazine.  I did not write the interview, but I was interviewed as a parenting expert.  That was encouraging!

The writer was very professional and handled the process very well.  Once the finished product made it to  the editor (or whoever) they did a respectable job making sure I verified the content of the interview. I was asked to check it for accuracy and to make sure I was represented well. Kudos, Parents magazine.  However, they said they would send me a copy of the issue, but they never did. I  wasn’t even told which issue it would be in. I only found out it made it to publication through my mom. (Thanks, Mom!) In spite of that little error, I was very pleased with the process of being included in a national publication.

I’d like to one day be in a craft publication or a blogging publication–or even write a book, but if I had to choose only one gift  to inspire millions of people–between my creativity and my parenting– it would be my parenting.