I posted my first item on Craigslist last night.  I have my first two interested parties.  I’m excited.  Selling things is fun.  I want to do it again.

Why am I selling our guest bed,  you might ask?

I rearranged the furniture a month ago, and the futon just doesn’t fit–aesthetically or logistically.  I can count on one-hand-too-many the number of times I’ve bumped into it, and it really hurts. I love the new setup, and I’m NOT getting rid of my couch.  The couch I bought at a thrift store for $45.  The shape of the couch and it’s length are what made me fall in love initially.  I’m not as sentimental as some other people I know (okay, one other person I know), but the couch now has an array of  pleasant memories associated with it.  As old as it is, the frame is in great shape, and the stuffing has held up remarkably well. I don’t hate the existing upholstery (and Nathan says it stinks), but I’ve always intended to have it recovered (once we move and I know where the couch will rest–I’m hoping it will be in my craft room, and I’m hoping I will have a craft room).  I’m thinking yellow leather or charcoal grey fabric, maybe a fun print like almost any from Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room.  Although, I’m not sure if the home dec weight is durable enough for a couch. (I’m also thinking I should  show you this memory-inducing couch–it’s nothing fancy, but I like it).

Back to why I’m selling the futon. We have overnight guests fairly infrequently. So, they will just get our bed and we’ll sleep on the airbed we purchase with the money from the futon sale. I’m sure within the two years we will remain here, there will be a mom of three or a family of four that needs a place to stay, and I will possibly regret not having that futon.  Until then, my eyes and my bruised left thigh will thank me.

So there you have it.  I’m excited.  It does happen. Me getting excited, that is.  Everyday events don’t  often excite me so when they do, roll with it.