I have plenty of seeds on hand, but since we are renters I don’t have a lot of space on hand.  Armed with a brain full of ideas, I ordered this book. McGee and Stuckey’s Bountiful Container is a wonderful guide to everything I need to know about growing plants in containers.  I bought the book with flowers in mind, but after skimming through it, I was excited about the possibility of one day growing fruit trees and veggies in containers.  Even though the book was more than I need this year, I still had plans to see my dreams of a container garden come to life.

We never got around to drawing on our blown eggs, so I used them as seeding starter pots.  I got the idea from a book I checked out at the library. I love, love, love this children’s craft book.  I will buy it one day.  There were very few projects in the book that I could not foresee completing with my children.  Many of the projects can also be done with items on hand. They divide the book up by season, and the Spring section had a project called “Eggshell Garden.”  I honestly can’t remember if I followed their directions because the book was [over]due by the time I was ready to plant. I also recently bought a rotisserie chicken for the first time in my life. So I used the leftover eggshells and the chicken container to start my seeds.

The chicken packaging is serving as a great little greenhouse for my seedlings.  I planted envy zinnia, basil, sunflowers, and alyssum. I was really excited about the zinnia, all of them really.  My goal was to have a cute little container garden.

The sunflowers were off to a great start until I moved them outside.  They are very dead now.  I’ll end up just putting some seeds in the pot outside because sunflowers are easy to grow from seed.  The alyssum also did well in the greenhouse for a while, but are now dead.  All that remains of my seed-planting adventures are three egg pots of basil and the tomato seedlings Noah started from seed in a galvanized container.   Moriah planted some flower seeds as well–also dead.

I’m not having much success in the gardening or houseplant department, but it’s all still fun and something I won’t give up on.  I love plants too much to let subsequent failures discourage me. I also love the idea of using eggs as starter pots.  They just go right in the ground when the plant is ready to be transplanted.  The greenhouse is also easy to come by.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy another rotisserie chicken (good, but not that good), but we  have fresh berries regularly enough to yield several mini greenhouses.  I think I’ll try the zinnia’s again. They are too pretty to pass up.