• Noah is wearing a pink nightgown.  I’m not concerned.  Even though he came down the stairs twirling in this nightgown, I’m not concerned.  The kids are pretending to be in the hospital.  What do you wear in a hospital? A gown.  However, I was concerned when he asked me if I wanted to see his underwear.  I told him to keep his dress down. My children would benefit from same-sex siblings.
  • Moriah is making a cat out of paper. It has eyelids that open and close, and she just spent about 10 minutes making poop for it.  Noah wondered if she was going to pretend that it was food when it goes in and poop when it comes out.  Moriah replied, “Nope. It’s poop when it goes in and poop when it comes out.”
  • Nathan just walked in.  Noah answered the door. Nathan sees Noah’s pink nightgown and says, “What the heck are you doing, goofball?!”

My apologies for such a long blogging break.  Life happens. I get distracted. I have recurring blogging slumps. Blah, blah, blah.  From this day forward I am making a list of blog post ideas.  That list should offer about 30 days of posts.  No guarantee that will be 30 consecutive days, but 30 days nonetheless.