Remember my mention of a coconut cake and  naturally dyed easter eggs? Well here’s the final report.

Dying eggs naturally didn’t work as well as I wanted, or how I wanted it to work at all.  I didn’t really take the time to follow any directions, but I now know that there are plenty of  websites that say how they did it.  I won’t bother to list them, because not one seemed to be that strikingly different from what I accomplished with common sense. I think I was actually better off before I read any links mid-project. I added vinegar, in some unknown amount, to each cup. I think those were my mistakes: adding vinegar and not measuring. The eggs look cool in that speckled, almost disintegrating sort of way.

The up side to this experiment was that the kids really had fun.  I think I’ll stick to using natural dyes for fabric, because it’s kind of odd not having brightly colored dyed eggs.  The only deterrents are that the boiled whites absorb color from the bright dyes and the bright dyes are NASTY!  I have yet to determine if egg dyeing is a necessary component to our Easter traditions.  I think I prefer to adopt the Christian Seder, quickly followed by ham and coconut cake the day after.

Nathan’s mom put on a Seder this year. I think some of us, myself included (mostly me actually), joked around a bit too much. It was kind of hard not to, when Nathan’s dad was doing the reading. He’s just funny, and hard not to laugh at. He and Nathan are similar in that they seem to take being picked on really well. But maybe they are crying inside 🙂 In the midst of the joking, the Seder did cause me to reflect on the events surrounding and resulting in the Passover and what that means for me today.

My coconut lemon cake (aka The Snowball) was delicious. It is rare that I say something I made is delicious.  I took it along  to The Ranch to share, and was then going to take it to The Ham Party after church.  On the way to church I realized that I left the cake sitting in the dining room, and when church is 30 minutes away and you are 5 minutes away and 10 minutes late, there is no turning back.  I was really, really, really sad. I didn’t want to miss church on Easter Sunday on the ‘count of a cake. A really good cake. I joked, “Jesus, I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I’m making here.”  I think we got a laugh out of that one, He and I.  I really wanted more of that cake and to share its yummy goodness with more people. I made Ma promise to share it with people who will enjoy it or freeze it, but ‘please don’t throw it away.’ I only said that because it was a half of a 9-inch 3 layer cake. That’s a lot of cake for two people and if it isn’t eaten soon enough it will go bad. So eat up!

This cake was the kind of cake that you only ate one piece of because it was so lightly rich. Yes, light and rich.  It left you satisfied after just one piece. Sweet, but with reason. Some things are sweet for the sake of being sweet.  This cake wooed my cheesecake loving husband to wanting it instead of cheesecake for his birthday this Saturday (not happening). I won’t share the recipe, because though it was good, it wasn’t a pretty cake–frosting and two cups of coconut later, the flaws were covered.  The recipes I used need a little tweaking. I’ll make the cake again next month (it took a whole day and I need a break after my baking blitz), make the adjustments, and share the recipe with you then. If that one turns out okay. This cake is a new tradition and I’m sure I’ll be making adjustments until it is just perfect in every way.

…and of course it’s always a treat to see family. duh.

Update:  The cake is in Mom’s  freezer! Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  I know you were worried.