The kids and I blew eggs. To describe the experience in three words: gross, cool, and ow.

We colored the eggs with natural dye made from instant coffee, beets, tea, blueberries, and cumin. Note: Do not try to dye eggs after they are blown.  They will float. We dyed  hard boiled eggs and will draw on the blown ones tomorrow.

After blowing the eggs, I had the insides of five eggs waiting in a bowl. So, I made egg bread (challah). It looks so beautiful, but I overcooked it by about 10 minutes. So, it is a little dry inside. The recipe I used was easy to follow, and made two loaves . I made both a straight braid and a raisin-studded round braid. I plan to use the round loaf as a hostess gift this Easter weekend.

While the bread was completing it’s final rise, I made homemade granola and tomorrow I’ll make my birthday cake–coconut lemon cake (two of my favorite flavors).

I’m beginning to think that baking  is more rewarding than sewing, but ask me in another month and I’ll probably be on another kitchen strike.