Tiny(aka L’Tisha)  was my roommate in college. One of the things I remember about her is her heart to give children a better life. She was also someone who was very passionate about what she believes.  Tiny has started a performing arts center, Tiny’s Performing Arts Center and combines her passion to protect and help youth with her love of the performing arts.  The link I gave describes what they do.The ideas they describe on their website are ideas that I agree with and support.  Tiny is someone that has taken her life experiences and her passions and created something positive that will enrich the lives of others.

TPAC has entered a contest with Pepsi.  They have the opportunity to win 250K to build a building for their programs. Currently they are 31st and they need to be #1 or #2 to win the funds.  Please consider voting.  It is easy and it only takes a few moments. You can also vote more than once. You can have an indirect, positive impact on the youth of Chicago. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow–cheesy, but true.

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