This year Moriah and Noah agreed to sharing a birthday party.  I was so glad, because quite frankly, they were not going to have a party this year if they did not share and if we did not do it off site.  In the past I have gone through great maternal lengths to plan parties for them–the decorations, the activities, the cake, the goodie bags.  I usually begin conceptualization months or a year in advance.  I always want the party to be just right for them and the guests they invite. I am a detail person.  When an event (moving, parties, etc.) is about to happen, I think of many of the details involved all at once and I need time to sort through them all. Hence, why party planning takes me a year to do it the way I envisioned. Last year included lots of events. So I decided that party planning was something I could cut out in an attempt at keeping stress at bay.

Once the kids agreed to share a party, they had to agree on a cake.  I usually make two custom cakes about two weeks apart and this year I just wasn’t going to make two cakes.  I don’t know why, but of all the cake ideas (e.g. hamburger cake, Spongebob cake) they agreed on a dinosaur skeleton.

We had the party at The Works.  I did not have to decorate, clean up, plan activities, or spend money, time or effort on goodie bags.  It was awesome.  I also had a personal assistant that helped keep the party on track as far as time goes and she would speak up if the kids got too rowdy, which was only about once. 🙂 Since the kids shared the party, they were limited on who to invite.  I know a lot of people like to invite every kid in class so no one feels left out, but my own personal experience is that there is nothing worse than being invited to a party just so you won’t be left out.  I would rather have my kids select friends that are meaningful to them. I think it also means more to those invited.  BUT that’s just me… So, they invited 4 special friends.

I love art museums, and pretty much any other kind than one that only has plaques to read. I also find it odd that some museums are open to children, but kids can’t touch anything and are actually scoffed at regularly. So, finding a museum where they can touch everything was awesome! The Works is a science and engineering museum and I think all of the kids had fun. They morphed their faces, and got to take home a laminated copy.  It was pretty hilarious.

After an hour in the museum, they  made glow-in-the-dark slime and were lead to a closet to see it glow.  I wanted to make some, it looked really cool.

Fourteen candles.  I think Noah got his six.  Moriah’s eye covering strategy (she doesn’t like being that close to a burning cake) was a detriment. Thankfully, the boyfriend thing isn’t true. It better not be. It felt so good to stand back and watch all of the kids have fun.  It was worry free and stress free. Reluctant at first, but in the end Nathan and the kids were  excited to have a double party every year. Most of all, my kids had a blast!

Thirty minutes later, friends came over for supper and fun.  They left shortly after ten.  After church yesterday, we met up with some family at a coffee shop. It was really good to see them.  I love the family dearly and to hear their oldest tell of his adventures at the Brain Bee was quite a conversational treat.

We zoomed from there to a birthday party, then hung out with that family a little afterward. Then home and in bed by 9:45pm. I was tired, but slept horribly.  Today is my birthday. No big plans, just waking up remembering all my failures. Kind of a crappy way to start a birthday, but I suppose I can’t go through my 30s without crying during at least one of them.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the day going up from here.  Thirty-two today and making changes.