I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog posting.  There have plenty of blog-worthy events, but those events are why I haven’t really had time to post. Sorry.  First up, Moriah had a birthday.  She turned 8 and I didn’t get a chance to talk her up on her birthday blog post.  Perhaps the story will speak for me.

Moriah wanted to make her own birthday cake.  She chose an applesauce cake from a children’s cookbook we own.

In Nathan’s words, “Moriah wants us to pull it together for one day.”  Moriah requested a meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, green beans, well groomed and well mannered family members. She made her brother wear a tie, and had to give her seal of approval on all of our outfits.  She also requested that we use manners.  If I were cute and 8, maybe it would work when I made those same requests.

We all managed to pull ourselves together, and Moriah’s cake was yummy.  I was most excited to see her open her gift…

Sorry it’s blurry, my battery was dying.  Anyway, she got an inexpensive MP3 player. She loves it. She’ll love it even more once we convert all our music so we can download a few tunes.  It was a great birthday.

We also celebrated St. Patrick’s day. It was nothing like the way we used to celebrate, but it was still fun.  Check out my flickr page for a few snippets (Food and Twin Cities sets). Maybe, I’ll describe a bit more about our day in another post. Who knows?