A few weeks ago I gave a mini presentation on quilts to Noah’s kindergarten class.  I had 15 minutes to tell 22 5 and 6 year olds about something I do.  I linked many aspects of quilting to the things they are learning in class: shapes, patterns, fractions, etc.  I demonstrated the process of making a quilt with a few props. I told them how a quilt starts as a piece of fabric, then it is cut into shapes. Those shapes are sewn together to make a block. The blocks are sewn together to make a row, and the rows are sewn together to make a quilt. They were pretty mesmerized by the process, and seeing how the pattern seemed to change once more blocks and rows were added.

I also showed examples of quilts. One quilt was made from old clothes, which tied into their recent lessons on repurposing and recycling. The other looked like a tree (which is another unit they completed). The class is in the middle of a unit on relationships, so I had them do a “friendship star” and put their name in the center.  They used  pre-lined and pre-cut cardstock, which later proved to be a problem for sewing, but I wanted the blocks to be sturdy. I also chose paper instead of fabric because time was limited before and during the presentation, and I knew I couldn’t be trusted to see the quilt move beyond the quilt top phase.

It turned out so cute.  The eight blocks surrounding the white center block are the true “friendship star” pattern. It was a challenging activity. Some kids did their own thing and others spent a lot of time studying my example to make sure they got it right–some did, some didn’t.  I really loved their excitement to complete the activity, and when they saw the quilt put together the oo’s and ah’s were priceless.