Hi all, I have been so disciplined not to change anything regarding my blog’s appearance. However, I’m considering changing the name.  I honestly do not have any trouble thinking of blog names, but I’d like one that fits me and is cute.  The current name was perfect for when this blog focused on the happenings  of my family. My daughter thought of the name and it was just right considering our 8 year bedtime routine and my delight in telling stories and boring you to sleep.  Now, that the blog is a bit of a mix and I share more of my creative side I’m thinking I should change things up a bit.  Nathan (my husband) says I should leave it the same, and I probably will…for now. BUT below is a list of options and an explanation.  Following that is a poll so you can vote for your favorite option.

Warpsie Dorpsie:  Phrase my brothers used to taunt my asymmetrical hearts. At that time their teasing moved me to try harder. It has become a term that encourages me to continue to be creative. I still can’t draw a symmetrical heart and it has become part of my informal signature.

Miry Lou’s: A combination of my grandmother’s name, Elmira, and my mother’s middle name, Lou. As far as my creative exploits go, I’m a lot like them both. My mom is a great cook and my grandmother was a seamstress, quilter, cook, baker, and gardener. My mom is my greatest encourager when it comes to my creativity, but she’s a mom she’s supposed to do that.

Nikki Nu: An old nickname of mine.