“Mommy, can we snuggle?”

Whenever I hear those words it’s as if my mind is being controlled by some outside force of sweetness and I can’t resist. I drop everything.  I hope I never stop hearing those words…or I hope the mood and thought behind it never ends.  I love my boy.

When he loves he loves passionately.  You can be sure that you are getting all of Noah, the good and the bad.  He will accept nothing less.  He is compassionate and gentle. Noah is eager to help.

Noah is surprisingly good at negotiating.  He will definitely be an awesome companion when traveling other countries.  Noah, the diplomat. He says that both Mommy and Daddy are funny. Well, he did finally confess that Mommy is prettier and Daddy is funnier. But he loves us both the same.

He didn’t want to turn 6, but he did.