My little nephew is turning 2 in a few days. His apron is complete, but sitting on the chair waiting to be mailed.  I’ve really got to do something about procrastinating. I need inner healing.  I wanted to make him a little chef’s hat, but he’ll have to get that a little later.

I am really proud of this apron, because it seems as if my sewing curse has worn off. I’m still not working with the best machine (and a little premature sewing machine shopping simply confirmed that), but it sews a straight seam. I went against my rule and actually bought fabric for this instead of using what is in my stash. The parents have to like it, right?

I used this pattern, and everything went together very smoothly. This is one of the few projects I didn’t criticize when I was done. I took my time, I ripped out mistakes (ooo…trust me, that’s a big deal for me). This time I felt like a sewer and not just someone who says she sews. I really like it and I hope my little nephew does too…if he ever gets it.