I’ve searched all over and the help I’ve found is no help at all.  I’m on my second Jade plant, and other than possibly being cursed for all the times I teased my mother about her touch of death when it comes to houseplants, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is my house too cold, too much water, not enough? Is the soil wrong? Should I sing to it?

My plant is in regular potting soil, watered sporadically or bi weekly if I’m trying to take care of my plants. Is it a succulent? I’m probably watering it too much, or does it need sandy soil?  It is dropping leaves. It grows new leaves, the stalks get taller, the lower leaves eventually shrivel and die. Maybe I should sing to it and name it. I don’t sing to my plants like I should.

I knew a guy who had beautiful houseplants. He said he sang to them.  I know another guy who has beautiful plants. He says he doesn’t really do anything to them, but I don’t believe him.  I think he’s just embarrassed about singing to houseplants. I’d love to have a sun-porch full of beautiful houseplants. One day maybe even a greenhouse.  I really love plants. I don’t know how many people know that about me, but it’s true.

I put houseplants in my grocery budget because I buy many plants at the grocery store. In fact, I don’t have any of those plants anymore, except the Jade plant. Maybe I should stop buying houseplants at the grocery store. The ones I got from the guy who says he doesn’t do anything to them are still alive and well.  Those were also free. It’s all coming together now…

Seriously, if anyone can diagnose my little plant problem, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, do you think a florist could/would help? I’m determined to keep this one alive.