I have not completed collecting tools, implementing changes, or asking for help, but here are the things I have found/created that have been helpful so far.

Food Preparation & Meal Planning Tips this is the document I created from all the wonderful tips I received. You’ll also find a link to it in the sidebar. If you like it and find it helpful, let me know. It will make me very happy. If you find any errors, let me know so I can correct them.

12 Minutes to Go I don’t remember where I found out about this site, but you can sign up to receive daily 12 minute tasks for keeping your house organized. This site brings up many of the things that I always want to do, but put off–like organizing my spices.  I haven’t actually done anything she has suggested yet, though I receive the emails. I know when I start it will be very helpful.

I also have a Food Freezing Guide that I picked up from the extension office in my old town.  When I use it, it is a valuable tool that ensures that I freeze food properly, how long it will keep, and suggestions on what freezes well/poorly. I wish I could find one online to link to, but I can’t. Call your local county extension office to see if they have one.

Edited: Or print off the exact one I own, because I just found it. Better yet, save it to your computer and save yourself 40 pieces of paper.  The extension office will give them for free, at least mine did.

That wasn’t much.  I plan to create a lunch idea list for kid lunches and there is a blogger online that is creating a snack idea list. I’ll link to that as soon as she’s done and I’ll let you know as soon as I’m done with the lunch list.