My daughter’s class is raising money for Haiti.  She has consistently been asking how she can get money to give.  For some reason she was not interested in simply taking money from her piggy bank.  Each day she asked I could just see the wheels turning in her head.

She finally determined that she wanted to make valentines and sell them door-to-door to our neighbors. After a little more brainstorming she determined that a lemonade stand like option would possibly work the best.  She made 16 valentines priced at $.25 and $.06. She spent time whipping a few valentines together, we determined the date, and continued with the appropriate preparations.

I was so thankful that this past weekend worked as far as the weather was concerned. She received so many encouraging honks, waves and words. We were outside for about an hour.

My favorite customer was the gentleman who came right up to her and asked her all kinds of questions to get her talking.  I could tell that he frequents kid stands and has experience working with kids in their world.  As of today, Moriah made more than $90 for Haiti.  Her efforts are a great example of using your gifts and talents to help others. She provided handmade valentines for her customers and money for Haiti.  I think in so many situations people say, “oh I wish I could do something,” or “I wish I had money to give,”  but a great response is to think outside the box.

She’s an inspiration, that girl. I am so proud of her.