The man in the library decided to print 100 pages just before the library was to close

He printed so much, the printer ran out of paper.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.

The man in the library apologized for my wait,

“I’m doing a little desperation research. I’ve got cancer and I’m supposed to be dead in 2 months. Trying to see if I can stop it.”

“Oh no. What kind do you have?”

I found out he has lung cancer and it’s spreading. I hoped telling him about my ‘grandmother’s’ lung cancer survival would encourage him. He seemed to get a glimmer of hope once he realized I wasn’t telling him she died.

He asked her remedy.

“Surgery, chemo and lots of prayer.” I shouted, for he was hard of hearing.

He affirmed that prayer was the best thing for cancer. And I thought I should pray for him. Lay hands on him and pray right there.

I didn’t. I’d have to shout in the library. So I left.

But I couldn’t leave.

I stalled and stalled until we were leaving the library at the same time and offered to pray for him.

We stood in the cold as the man in the library told me two “jokes,”

“I told my doctor when I die I want to see the autopsy report.  All my neighbors are praying that I die so they can seize my property. How’s that?”

I told him they weren’t funny. I didn’t get the first one and the other I found quite sad.

He continued to tell me that God is the only way he’s going to fight this. He continued to tell me how he’s lost 60 pounds in a short amount of time, he’s getting weaker and weaker. He doesn’t have money to go to Germany for some fancy cancer treatment. He has to take care of his wife. He’s in a bit of a trap with some things, but death is the only way out.

“So, you still haven’t told me if I could pray for you.”

The man in the library told me he’s beat cancer before. Brain cancer. He was supposed to loose an eye. He still has two. He was supposed to be dead 16 months ago. He told me that it is only the Power of God that has kept him alive.  It will only be his power to keep him alive.

He said I could pray for him. So I did.