I have a thing for chairs. The older and more unique the better. When I look at the outdated chair I see it as what I can create it to be. I don’t see the chipped paint and stained cushion. I see the potential and I am quick to defend its beauty  in its unrepaired state. It can be the same for people.

Some people don’t see a difference in what a person can be and what they are.  A person’s potential is all they see.  I think having that kind of vision and faith is almost admirable.  That vision has the potential to encourage, motivate,  and drive an individual toward that goal but only if they have a path to follow. A little direction. I’m sitting here on the receiving end of that kind of vision and it actually sucks.    Having potential is worthless if you don’t know how to reach it. I’m thankful that I am seen as what I can be and what I could do, but the truth is I need help to get there.