Soon.  That is the kind of soon that gives absolutely no true indication of time.  Soon I will be a full time working mother.  Nathan and I have gone through a list of (most) everything that needs to be done to maintain our home–all of the things that I did (or did not do depending on what was distracting me that week).  We have divided responsibilities.  We have owned up to who is better suited to do which job and who should just do it whether they are better suited or not.  In theory, this is awesome.  I can’t wait to try it out.

So, I’m still in charge of cooking (except on weekends).  I love to cook and I’m going to love to not have to cook.  With our new schedule in place I’m going to have to learn a new way of cooking and meal planning (and the family-self balance).  I have been searching websites, I’ve checked out a couple of books, I’m drawing upon my memories of what my mom did, and I plan to interview a few women to get ideas.  I checked out Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals cookbook.  The recipes look great, but they aren’t really geared toward my kids. Perhaps I could also use this transition time to make their palettes a little more sophisticated?  Here are the problems that I will need to eradicate and the problems that I’ll just have to learn to deal with. I am looking for tips from outsiders and tips from moms who have made it work:

  • Going out to eat is not an option
  • I do not get off work until 5.  It will be 5:30 by the time I pick up my kids from after school care, 6pm by the time we get home. Currently, I am in the kitchen from 4-5:30. If I continue to spend close to 2 hours making dinner, the kids won’t eat until 8 and will have to go to bed pretty much right after that. I don’t like that. So, I’m hoping to cut down how much time I spend cooking. I’ve decided to go with theme nights, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.
  • When will I have time for any prep work ahead of time?
  • What are some yummy, quick meals that are relatively fresh and healthy?
  • How will I have time for me? How will we have time for family?  Actually, we have two scheduled family nights per week that will start soon. But, I think we all know that if I don’t have time alone and/or time to create I will have a difficult time with all of this.

There’s so much more, but I think the food is on my mind the most right now because it will require the most change in the current system.  All help is appreciated!