Here is a poem I wrote in 2006.  It is based on George Ella Lyon’s poem, Where I’m From.

I am from rocks in my jellies, jacks, and jumping rope

Braids and beads in my hair

that make music when I run

I am from big hats and paper fans

squeaky pews and organ music

I am from fancy dresses on Sunday

I am from collard greens and corn bread

iced tea with lemon and sugar in the heat of the day

I am from pound cakes and sweet potato pie

I am from starting the car to let it cool down

Pressing combs heating on the eye of the stove

I am from “fah real” and “o for cute”

I am from y’all, you guys, and you betcha

I am from cockroaches and mosquitos

I am from frost on my eyelashes

and hot tea by the fire

I am from starting the car to let it warm up

I am from rhubarb and bars of all kinds

I am from tea kettles on the burner

and hotdish in the oven

I am from y’all, you guys, and you betcha.


Writing this poem was very fun and therapeutic. I think I’ll do another. If you are interested in writing your own “where I’m from” poem, there is a template (which I did not follow) here and the method similar to the one I used in class is here.  If any of you writes one I’d love to read it (yourekiddingme (at) msn (dot) com)