I’ve had a few random, meaningless thoughts today.  I usually do, but today I thought I would share:

–There is an organic,  gourmet pet food deli a few blocks away from my house, because even pets deserve to eat well.  So, dogs…they eat their own poop.  How discriminating can their tastes be?  How do owners know that this food is special, quality, and different from Purina?  Do they taste it?

–I also saw a sign on a martial arts studio that advertised that they have “martial arts supplies.”  I was so glad when I saw it cause I’ve been looking all over town for somewhere to buy nun chucks and concrete blocks.  Really, what kinds of supplies do you need for karate? I thought it was just bare feet, some boards and blocks, and those white pajama things.

–My kids go to a school that teaches kids how to ask questions about what they are learning–to be active rather than passive learners.  I love their school (and will post about it later), but my kids already asked a lot of questions before they starting learning how to ask questions.  Sometimes I wonder if I can handle all of the questions. Especially when they both are taking turns asking them rapid fire. Before I get the answer out to one another comes. Yikes.

–I saw a building with this written on it in giant letters, “Sinners.”  It was one of those places. The kind with live girls as opposed to dead ones.  At least they know it’s a sin and I think they are trying to keep the Christians away by letting everyone know that sinners are inside. I am the lucky one that gets to have an office (in 2 weeks–it’s as official as it’s ever been) right around the corner–in what I found out would be the Red Light district if we had a Red Light district.  It’s also the Warehouse District–cheap rent, cool buildings. Close to downtown, but not too close.  We don’t want The Suits to rub off on us.

–Yay,  I don’t have to wear suits everyday!

–Note to self: Make sure bladder is completely empty before sneezing or dancing around with the kids.  One sign of knowing you’re either old or have given birth is that you say, “oops” after sneezing.