I’m still slowly working on all of my handmade gifts for Christmas–just three more things to make.  To be clear, I really DO care if people like things that I give them and I put a lot of thought into gifts–purchased or made by my own hands.  In fact, sometimes I’m so concerned that I usually end up not giving.  I almost have to trick myself into thinking that I do not care so I don’t put so much pressure on myself, and so I don’t take it personally if the gift is not liked.  But I really do care.

Anyway, my family and I get to visit my side of the family this Christmas and we hope the weather plays nice on the drive down. I also hope our immune systems play nice.  Noah has not been feeling well today, but we suspect that he had a little too much party-ing yesterday.

I’ll be back in the future with pictures of the handmade goods and stories of our adventures in the South. Have a peaceful Christmas.