Yesterday I started a running list of things I want to get done this month.  One of the things on that list was to hang pictures on the wall. So today I finally unpacked our last box from our move this Summer.  Pictures.  I had previously decided to leave them in the box and not put anything on the walls, ’cause I think items on the wall would make me feel as if the walls are closer together.  In a narrow space, that is not a feeling I welcome.  But, I was recently at a lady’s house, and she has stuff on her walls.  It felt like a home. Like someone actually lived there and not like some sterile, boring place where people only sleep.  I was encouraged to hang some items on the walls. Don’t they look great?

Just kidding.  I’m the kind of person who puts stuff on the walls and then realizes that another placement would look better. Then another…and another.  Then, I eventually change my mind about hanging items all together and end up with walls full of holes. When I first read this tip for picture hanging, I knew it would save Nathan (who recently let me use a hammer and a power drill without supervision) and myself a lot of frustration.

Before tracing the frames on used grocery sacks I arrange the pictures on the floor closest to the wall where they will hang. This helps me visualize the final layout.  Then, I trace the frames and tape the layout to the wall.  This way I can stand back and see how the frames  would look on the wall without actually hanging the frames. I can also measure distances between frames, center the arrangement on the wall, etc. After reworking, I leave the paper in and put the nail just at the top of it. The paper and tape slide off over the nail, then I hang the picture.

I also started a photo version of a family tree in our upstairs hallway.  It really does make a difference having things on the walls, especially family pictures. Plus my walls don’t feel closer together as I thought they would.