and it’s almost here again. I hope this Friday is a as good as the last.

Last Friday I found out that I will have work in a few weeks.  It’s the job I was offered this summer.  Good thing, cause the rejection notices have been coming in from all of those applications I put out last week.  However, just in case there is a glitch,  I will continue a soft job search until the official start date.  So, this post is the official end to me writing about work online.

I’ve been waiting for my kids to both be school age for a few years now.  God has been doing some really deep, difficult work in me for the last 8 years and most of the time I wasn’t quite sure how to handle parenting, marriage, other people and what was being done in me. I always wanted to escape either to run away or have God just get all of the work over with in one big chunk. It was a difficult time none the less.  Just like needing to recover from surgery, I’ve needed to recover from all that I endured by God’s hand and any hurts and issues that resulted in the last 8 years of my life. So, having kids in school is a nice treat and has been timely.

I haven’t always been productive with the things I need or want to do.  In fact, it is one area of life that I have worked really hard to become better at because in the past it was a weakness that bugged me (some weaknesses I don’t really care to improve–like my golf score), and I continue to seek improvement.  I am being quite successful, so that is encouraging. The other day someone asked me what I do with my time since my kids are gone all day. Instead of  being a machine when it comes to cleaning, other household duties and creative projects, I’ve done some “paid” work for my job, wasted time and spent time thinking, praying, and I’ve even done some fasting.  I feel that I am coming out of recovery and coming into living and being.  Because I’m done focusing on the recovery and I know that I will not have the same luxury of 6 hours of “me time” in the near future, I’ve been very productive with things I need to do and things I want to do.  I’m nesting.  I’m pretty proud of all that I’m getting done.

I’ve also had a recent revelation about myself: the only way for me to be productive and feel motivated is to simply start doing something.  It sounds like a no-brainer, I know;but it was a very helpful realization. If I just sit and think about how unmotivated I am, I’m sure to remain unmotivated and never start anything. So, I push through and do something–one thing and then there is no stopping me. I feel so much better getting things done during the day, then my kids have my full attention, most of it, once they get home. It’s a win-win. Being a working mom will be fairly new to me so it will pose lots of new challenges, but will be great fodder for blog posts. I also hope to write more about my “surgery” and recovery in the future, I feel it deserves a little more time than I’ve devoted here.

Well, here’s to work and here’s to productivity.

By the way, I’ve gotten up 30 minutes earlier than I usually do two days in a row.  That is huge progress for me and I’m pretty excited about it.

Have a great Wednesday!