Today is Friday. It came too quickly, but it brought with it a day full of simple pleasures.

That blur you see above is a result of the head maneuvering Noah had to do so that fork would fit in his mouth.  I should probably do the dishes (which is not why he’s eating on a paper plate.  That’s my strategy for minimizing my dishwashing).  Thankfully, he was so proud of his giant fork that he yelled up the stairs, “Moriah, my fork is bigger than yours!”

Moriah is having her first overnight away from home.  A real, live girly sleepover.  I said I wouldn’t allow it until she was about 10 or 12, but ever since Moriah wrote her book, School Starts with a Friend, and now has a best friend; I’ve been a bit of a sap when it comes to Moriah and friends.  She only likes school because of the friends, so who am I to let my lack of socializing interfere with hers? Her friend’s brother (he’s 4) is coming to our house to sleepover with Noah.  The cute thing about these two boys is they can’t remember each other’s names.  So Noah calls him “The Brother” and The Brother calls Noah “The Boy” (he didn’t even know that’s his nickname). That’s how close they are.  We’re essentially doing it so the girls can have fun without a boy around.

I thought you might enjoy a close up of that list. Hopefully, Moriah’s dear friend will not have to endure the harsh judging that my mother endured during the last “Beutey Contest”  Moriah hosted. Let’s just say that on that day my mother learned that not having a full set of eyebrows will surely disqualify someone from winning a beauty contest. I have to tell you that I love everything about this list and the fact that she is now in the habit of making some sort of list everyday.

I’m also getting a little work done on Noah’s quilt.  Unfortunately the squares are 1/4″ too small.  I hope I can work around that and still end up with a beautiful quilt for my boy.  I didn’t actually work on those today, but I wanted to share a little of what I did over Thanksgiving.

And this little treat was a surprise.  It actually taste good and is really close in flavor to its dairy cousin.  I’ll have to save some for the sweet potato pie I plan to make tonight…after I return from a women’s Christmas event at my church.  Have a happy weekend.  I’ll return on Monday to report back about our weekend.