I’ve started applying for jobs again.  This time I choose to have a better attitude, a different attitude, and a different strategy.  Just last night I applied for 18 jobs, and it is my goal to do something job hunt related everyday.  I am still waiting for this start up company to get the funding to start and bring on its executives. In the meantime, we need the income. This morning I set out on an mission to be productive with my time rather than sitting at home convincing myself to wash the dishes or some other domestic activity.

After dropping the kids off at school I planned to spend the morning in the library preparing for the job transition group Nathan’s supervisor told me about.  Unfortunately, the library doesn’t open until ten.  Only the bars and coffee shops were open. So, I went to the local coffee shop (this time last year, I think I would have opted for the bar). I couldn’t possibly sit there for an hour and mooch off their WiFi without making a purchase.  A cafe miel, with soy please and an orange-cranberry scone.  Mmm. Just right, and by the end of the day I was so glad I opted for the coffee drink instead of herbal tea.

Though I swore I would not keep track of my job application progress, I decided that I should make a spreadsheet detailing the jobs I’ve applied for–the position, the date applied, etc.  I spent my time at the coffee shop creating that, then off to the library to print off my resume for the job transition group. I went through a lot of hassle to get three copies of my resume printed on my own paper only to notice a typo right before I needed to leave.  Thankfully, I didn’t need any resumes, so those will go right in the trash.

I dreaded this job transition group.  It’s a networking group. Many of you that know me or have figured a few things out by reading this blog, know that networking and name dropping are not my thing.  I did not want to go, but considering my new attitude about searching for employment, I sucked it up and figured it could be really fun to meet new people.  This group (and I’m sure others like it) is awesome.  It meets at a church and the pastor facilitates.  He has a large binder of 23,000 people that are willing to be contacts at various companies in the area. Some people are members of his very large congregation and some are past members of the transition group. One lady was there who was referred by her father who got his job through the group 16 years ago.

Each person stands up and says if they need employment, if they are offering employment, or if they have some other service to offer (such as counseling). Those wanting employment say what company they want a contact at, then the pastor finds someone in his book that works there, gives you their work and home number (with prior consent); or another member of the group says that they know a contact at that company. It was really neat.  It was not as fun as mingling would be for the “people person,” but it is very non threatening for anyone–especially those that do not do so well with mingling.

That group was in the same ‘burb as my church, so after that I went to my church to help a little more with Christmas decorations.  They really encourage volunteering at our church and boy do they have a lot to do.  Once I was done fluffing trees, putting trees together, spraying snow on pine cones, and laying snow around trees, I left to pick up the kiddos. We came home to eat, read, write, play and now they are off to a kids church meeting.  I will do the grocery shopping and then home to bed. By the time we get home, Nathan should be back from his overnight trip.  I really enjoyed being busy…today.  I’m really tired, but it was all in a day’s work.