This is a just a list of thirty things that happened during the time I was away from this space.  They are in no particular order, and they did not necessarily happen on each of 30 days.

  1. I finally read all of Psalm 119.  It’s the longest one and it is so good.  Exactly what I needed.
  2. My arms shrank, but not enough to fit this sweater I’m wearing. So, I’m going to turn it into a shirt for The Girl.
  3. I received the other part to the sewing machine I’m borrowing.
  4. I started getting mentored by an older Christian lady in my church.  She will be very good for me.
  5. I participated in Feed My Starving Children.  If you have a chance to volunteer for this, do it.  It is absolutely amazing and fun.  Comes complete with warm fuzzies.  Our children participated and the food we were packaging was going to Haiti, so we all had a few extra warm fuzzies because two of our family members are from there and we know firsthand (probably secondhand) how crucial a good meal is.
  6. Noah found a clever loophole to his uniform.  Noah is not required to wear a sweater vest with his uniform, but his mother thinks he would look quite dapper.  Noah thinks he will look like a dork.  One morning I was insistent that he wear the sweater. At this point it was because I spent the money for him to wear it and he doesn’t wear it. So, in all honesty, it was not really a big deal if he wore it or not.  So we have a small, humorous verbal scuffle over it all and because I’m the parent I won.  I went back downstairs, proud of my victory and excited that I would finally get to see Noah with a sweater vest on over his button-down, navy slacks and cute brown shoes.  He comes downstairs (and I wish I had a picture.  I might have to recreate the scene) with his button-down tucked in and unbuttoned to expose the sweater vest underneath.  That little turkey.  He wouldn’t change it, and I was laughing so hard we just buttoned the shirt and left the vest on underneath.
  7. I decided to methodically go through all of my clipped recipes and cookbooks in an effort to find recipes I will turn into family recipes.  I rarely use cookbooks,but have found it quite easy to use  I’m forcing myself to NOT look online and only make things I have recipes for in my cookbooks or magazines. Except for this one lasagna recipe I found online. As a result of all the recipe trying and food nostalgia, I’ll probably be sharing more recipes with everyone.
  8. I decided that even though my kitchen is the size of a pantry, I love to cook so I will cook.  I had gotten to the point where I was avoiding the kitchen and just slapping something together for the kids to eat.  They missed my cooking and told me I should start cooking again.  You should have heard their little foodie critiques about the canned soup. BUT, they didn’t seem to mind the frozen chicken nuggets.
  9. I still can’t seem to get out of bed at 6am.
  10. I slept a lot.
  11. I started looking for other work while I wait for “my company” to get funding.
  12. I had coffee with a stranger.  I actually had tea. She’s really nice, she likes to sew and she looks just like this lady I knew in Fargo. That lady likes to draw.
  13. I got to try out a new coffee shop.  I really like it there.  It’s artsy-fartsy-earthy-healthy-hippie-yuppy-ish
  14. I unpacked a few more boxes
  15. I finally had trick-or-treaters (I got rid of three bags of candy!)and my very own Fancy Nancy by day, Gabriella by night and Alec (from Black Stallion) by day and Handy Manny by night.
  16. I got to paint a picture with my daughter while worshipping the Lord.  It’s hanging up in our church right now. I really enjoyed being able to watch her worship Jesus in a way that she is more comfortable with. She worships through art more than song.
  17. I went for my first walk alone since moving here. Strange, but true.  I sat under a bridge by the creek, on a wall of rocks.  I thought a squirrel was going to attack me, but it didn’t.
  18. Noah grew up. He doesn’t whine quite like he used to and he doesn’t bug his sister quite like he used to.  They play together and haven’t fought in a long time.
  19. We found our perfect house.  If we had the money we would have bought it. It was a lot of house for the money it is in our current neighborhood. I wouldn’t have even wanted to paint anything.  I loved the floor plan. It had everything on our house wish list. It gave me hope for when we are ready to buy.  For some people it would maybe discourage them, but now I’m really excited for the future.
  20. God grew.  He is immeasurable, but I’m human so I measure.  God grew.  All I have to say is, WOW.
  21. I was never quite sure that my goals would be accomplished (I’m still not so sure they are being accomplished), but my focus is different and my slate is clean.  It’s a good place to start anyway.
  22. We decided we would paint our room over Christmas break!
  23. I realized that our water doesn’t actually taste that good.
  24. I realized that I have a lot of time to accomplish a lot during the day.
  25. Things became simplified.
  26. I don’t actually enjoy writing in my journal, but I enjoy re-reading the things I have written.
  27. There is calm and peace and I wish I could describe and explain everything cause it’s amazing and I’m excited, but I still can’t get out of bed at 6am.
  28. I decided that having breakfast together would be our new thing since we never get to have supper with Nathan. But I still can’t get out of bed at 6am.
  29. I found an old friend that I never thought I would see again and now we get together regularly and we’re going to give each other resume feedback.  She’s a natural encourager and I need that a lot when it comes to jobs and my resume.
  30. We’re in the brainstorming phases of starting a spanish immersion jr/sr high charter school.

30 days. I still can’t get out of bed at 6am.  I still get distracted working at home.  All of those wonderful things happened, but I’m still kicking myself cause I stay in bed until 7:30. It’s okay. I don’t know what it will take, but it needs to happen.  Anyway, that’s the gist of what you missed. What I would have written about, etc.   I also wasn’t on Facebook, so I’m sure that five people probably had babies, three are probably pregnant, maybe a couple got married, five more engaged, but I don’t know cause no one calls with that kind of news. They just post it on Facebook. So, if I don’t know your really exciting news, please forgive me for not being all excited for you when I see you. It isn’t cause I’m not excited. It’s because I’m clueless.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!