I’m not the most patient parent when it comes to helping my kids with their math homework. I dread math homework.  Moriah comes home every Friday with a packet full of about 8 pages of homework.  On a good day, one page takes her 30 minutes at the most. On a day that includes working with money, it could taker her (us) an hour.

Tonight I was helping Moriah with her math.  She isn’t a bad math student, it just isn’t her best subject. Unless it involves drawing pictures for word problems or writing word problems. Both would include drawing and writing.  So, not only was tonight a money night, it was a page that required parental involvement.  I get so frustrated that 1) I suck at teaching it all to her in a way that she can get it and 2) that she doesn’t get it.

This particular homework page was dealing with making change/counting up from/subtraction.  By the sixth problem I finally said, “You like to buy stuff, right?”

“Yeah!” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“Then you have to learn how to use money or you can’t buy anything.”

With the sound of disappointment and shock in her voice, she sighed, “Oh no…”

It isn’t that she isn’t trying. She gets it, she’s just not as fluent in math as she should be.  She’s not too eager to get her homework done, but she did finish all of her Christmas cards this afternoon.  Hand drawn, hand colored, and personalized.  Now if I could figure out how to get some of that creative energy into her math.

If anyone has any good resources or tips for math success, I would love some suggestions.