Since confession my undying disdain for October, I have remembered so many reasons to enjoy it (in spite of the cold rain). Autumn is by far our family’s favorite season.  We have celebrated our mutual love for all things Fall, the harvest, and God’s provision for the past 7 years.  One year involved me swiping sugar beets off the side of the road and later trying them with our Fall Feast. We’ve always enjoyed the pumpkin patch, fall colors, apples, and a family picture.  All in all, it has really been about enjoying our children and enjoying being a family. This year we made caramel apples,

October 067

had our Fall Feast (harvest pot roast with carrots, potatoes, acorn squash, collard greens, bread, and apple upside down cake.

October 076

New this year: pumpkin carving.  My kids have never carved a pumpkin (at our house anyway). I’ve never felt okay with carving a pumpkin because I haven’t quite fully known what to think about Halloween (from a Christian perspective).  Now, I’m trying so hard to be normal and have a normal family, and now I’m confident that God knows my family is not trying to attract dead spirits to our house 😉

October 081

Nathan was the carver, and the kids helped clean it out. Noah has never been fond of getting his hands all gooey and gross. But since the first time she ever touched a pumpkin at the age of two, Moriah has loved getting her hands gooey.

October 084

The pumpkin came with various templates, the kids chose the monkey.  Once Nathan started cutting, I think it reminded him of woodwork.  He was pretty cute, holding it up and looking at it with pride.

October 094

I was surprised at how proud Nathan was of his pumpkin.  Just like anything he makes with his hands.  The kids were very protective of the pumpkin. Nathan wanted it outside so everyone could see, but the kids wanted it inside so no one would wreck it and so they could enjoy it all day. I think the pumpkin and the cake were the big hits with everyone.  We truly had a good time,and we’re definitely carving a pumpkin again next year.