Since being up north and going back to relaxed hair, I have had the most difficult time finding a qualified professional to relax my hair with quality products.  I’ve tried doing it myself, but my hair started breaking off. And though, hair is only hair. It’s my hair.  I have yet to meet a person who truly did not care about their hair. Hair is important.  According to my friend Ryan, you can have on the best outfit, but messy hair is going to overshadow that outfit.  Even though I laugh about that statement more than I take it seriously, I agree.  She’s also the one that reminded me of a time that I said in my most liberated black woman voice (cause apparently I used to have a liberated black woman voice), “I am not my hair!”

Later this morning I’m going to get my hair done.  It happens every 8 weeks.  This is the second salon I’m trying since moving to the Cities.  Even though there is a considerable population that would benefit from a salon that specializes in a variety of hair textures (more specifically, “black hair”), there is not a market for upscale black hair salons.  So this results in plenty of ghetto, creamy crack houses. I’m sure there are lots of qualified cosmetologists in these salons.  I am not going to risk my life or my hair giving them a trial run unless I am specifically referred to them. In fact, I don’t care if it’s upscale, I’d just prefer that people weren’t on their cell phones or eating Cheetos while they apply chemicals to my hair. It’s a bonus if they offer me a bottle/glass of water. Or, shoot, ask my name.

Today, Ebony is going to do my hair. She is the only person in this particular multicultural, upscale salon that does relaxers.  This salon has gotten local recognition for being positioned to cater to all hair types and their prices are the same has the crack house I went to two months ago. They called yesterday to confirm my appointment, which is a plus in their favor, cause it’s just a little extra step in customer service and I respect the business side of confirming appointments. I hope today is the end of my quest. I’ll let you know.