When Nathan and I took our ballroom dancing course two years ago, the instructor gave the women in the class one thing to work on: “Let your partner lead. If you  leave this class knowing how to do that, you’ve learned ballroom”  It was a bold statement, but I soon learned that if I did not follow my partner, we would not be able to learn the dances accurately or at all.

Throughout the course I expressed frustration regarding not knowing what was coming next or which direction we were going.  She came to us and said, “Nathan, you lead her.  If you lead her strongly she can’t help but go the direction she needs to go.  Andrea, trust him.” Along the way I also learned that we have to give each other resistance.  We had to push against each other.  It was the only way I would feel him and be able to follow his lead and it was the only way he could guide me. I’ve been revisiting this lesson since this past Sunday when I learned the answer to why my relationship with the Lord has been different–not the way it once was.

I could parallel the change to any relationship. As people grow and change, the relationship changes.  That’s one reason why marriage should never get old and boring cause if both of you are constantly growing and changing, marriage is always a new adventure, a pleasure to be along for the ride. It’s as if you’re getting to know each other all over again.  So, I figured that my relationship with the Lord was simply different cause I was different–growing, and the Lord and I were simply relating on a different level, like a parent relates to their adult child.

I’ve been thinking about dancing a lot lately. How you are an extension of your partner, how you have to dance in sync.  You have to be in step with your partner or you end up lost.  That’s what was shared on Sunday.  A word of encouragement/direction/warning was given aloud for someone in the congregation.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who benefited. Nonetheless, the speaker pointed out that someone was out of step with the Lord and that as they come back into step with him, they’ll feel closer…Honestly, I don’t remember everything he said. I just remember thinking about the moment I stopped dancing, and it hit me.

The reason I’ve been so surprised when changes in our life occur, or so clueless as to what the Lord is doing in me is that I have not been dancing with the Lord–figuratively or literally. I have stopped standing on the tops of his feet like a little girl does with her daddy.  I’ve just  been fluttering about, flapping along behind him instead of being in step with him. I stopped dancing and I lost track of where we were going.Not dancing with the Lord is the reason I’ve felt so distant even though we talk.  What once seemed to me like a uniquely, intimate connection became a surface relationship.  But now, I’m refocused and I’m dancing again. A lady once said to me that God will always love me and he will always know everything about me and he will always be close to me, but drawing close to him helps me feel better.  Being in step with the Lord is not for him. It is for me.

On the feet of my Father and in his firm embrace,