This weekend was awesome because I had help tackling this

gross kitchenWe all worked together on the house.  Honestly, before we moved to Minneapolis I enjoyed doing it all on my own. At least I thought I did.  No need to be a domestic martyr.  We were all so much happier doing it together.

This weekend was awesome because when I walked into the above kitchen I said, “Lord, I’d really like to go out to eat tonight.”  Nathan came home after being awarded a bonus for hard work and said, “let’s go out to eat.”

October 004

We beat the weekend/homecoming rush. This restaurant is just three blocks away and has at least 25 malt flavors made with fresh ingredients and Kemp’s ice cream. The Malt Shop has a unique menu: items you wouldn’t expect to find in a malt shop, such as ratatouille + all the malt shop favorites.

October 010

I thought for sure the guitar player’s long hair would get caught in the strings.  He was good, and so were the malts (I heard). The restaurant was kid friendly. As for the “Old Fashioned Chocolate Soda;” yuck.

October 007

October 006

October 017

Having weekends as rich as this one makes the days of not seeing much of Nat a lot easier to handle.  Rich weekends also make countless days of this

October 003

less dreary.

Here’s to taking the week head-on in anticipation for the weekend.  I hope you enjoyed your Monday!