I’m looking for a little feedback.  After all the work I put in to start two blogs and have a common homepage for those, I’m considering just merging them.  On my craft blog, I have had trouble finding my voice.  It’s weird that something as simple as a topic effects how I think I should write.  I already have a voice here, it is one that is many years old. If I choose to share a crafty/artsy project I’ll be in a better position to write about it here. Theoretically.

I haven’t been creating much lately, but I think the reason I have trouble writing on here consistently is that I’ve painted myself into a corner.  A “this is a blog about my family corner.”  I used to think that I would do better with blog boxes–family blog, blog about me, blog about creativity.  It isn’t going so well.  I feel trapped. And the knowledge that I have two blogs takes up two spaces in my brain that I think should only be one space.

Since I am all of those things and my life is all of those things: family, creativity, me; I am considering just having this space be a hodgepodge of me and my life and my thoughts.  I still hope to maintain the element of not exposing too much yet being open and honest.

I think it will work for me because sometimes I don’t have anything to say about my family, but maybe I have something to say about fabric, or decorating, or pets, or whatever. So I hope this will result in more writing and more variety.

I also need to remember to take more pictures.  Our new camera is awesome! I need to use it more. Just one more thing to try and remember.

–A note about Welcome Home Friday.  I get bored, I forget and I’ve already shown you most everything that is really close to our house–that we enjoy.  I also get shy about taking pictures of stuff in public.  I need to get over that.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the merger?