I figured out the whole craft thing.  I don’t think there is any significant spiritual parallel. I can create one if I must, and I have.  It’s actually pretty good. However, I’ve concluded that  I simply just need to get rid of stuff that I’m not using. I need to focus and sharpen skills in one area and not just collect a bunch of supplies “just in case.”  This act of getting rid of crafty things has also freed up a lot space in my mind and heart. I realized that at some point I trained my mind to think of the next project of things to make for people instead of things that would be more beneficial to relationships. Relationships are one thing that I have, in theory, decided that I would not avoid.  My heart was always to give and to bless others, but I limited the blessings to those I made with my hands.  It’s time to broaden those ideas.  Perhaps I’ll revisit letter writing or learn the new habit of checking in by phone.  I’m starting small, so don’t expect any big changes.


In other news my spiritual ears are being revived and I hope I will handle that with love, grace and maturity. The most recent thing the Lord revealed to me was quite heavy/significant/life altering (but vague) and I didn’t know what to do with it.  The news has come true and now I don’t know what to do with the fact that I didn’t do anything but pray.  Did I take the chicken way out by only praying?  Will God have mercy in spite of my shortcomings  if I should have done more than pray? Or did I do exactly what He could count on me to do? I don’t expect that you will have answers for me. I just wanted to ask.